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Earn 10 points for each referral in our forums!

You get 100 points to start with!  

You will earn Rs. 100 for every 200 points!  

We give you points for your postings. No strings attached!


Dear Users,

We used to give away free TV to lucky winners. We changed the system to award points to each user. No more draws to choose the winner. Now, every user is a winner. In this system, each user of Digital Bhoomi is awarded points for the forum posting submitted.

The point system works like this:

  • All users get 100 points to start with. Just one time!
  • If you refer a new user to our forums, you will get 4 points for each referral and 6 points for the first post by the member you referred. If the member you referred write at least 3 quality threads/posts, you will get 30 more points. So, you can get 40 points max for each referral. For more details, please click here. You can also win exciting prizes in our forum contests!
  • Each forum discussion gets 1 point. Your threads/posts should have at least 10 words to earn points. 
  • If someone publishes a spam/scam/illegal posting in our site, he/she is not eligible to receive any point. In fact, they will forfeit all the points they earned.
  • If the user gets 400 points, he/she is eligible to receive Rs.200 from us. If you are not living in India, we will send the payment in US$ thru paypal.


Why are we giving away points? Is there any catch? Absolutely none. We want to spread the word about Digital Bhoomi. This is a limited time offer and we encourage you to take full use of this offer.

When do we issue the actual money to the users? Once the user reaches 400 points, we will mail the cheque for Rs. 200. We will assign the points to users based on their username in the forums.  

As far as we know, we are the only website that gives away money for the points. Many web sites give the points to the users with no monetary value in it. For example, take Yahoo! Answers. Each user of Yahoo! Answers receives points for answering the question. What�s the value of those points? Basically nothing! Yahoo Users get some psychological satisfaction out of seeing their points go up. Beyond that, there is really nothing to it.

Financial Institutions like Citibank India offer points for their credit card customers. Citibank India gives 1 point for the purchase worth of Rs. 150. That�s a real bummer! These points can be redeemed for MTV merchandise. 1000 points of Citibank would get you an iron box that is worth around Rs. 500. Basically, you need to spend Rs. 1,50,000 to get that iron box free.

We hope that you get the idea. You don�t need to spend any money in Digital Bhoomi. Join Digital Bhoomi forums and share information with other users. We will give you points. You earn easy money. No strings attached.

Do you have hard time believing us? Do you think that we may not pay you for your points? Having the question of "Trust"? You are not alone. Please read this post to understand more about our integrity.

Go ahead and give it a try.  Click here to join us.

If you have passion for writing, here is your chance to make extra money. Participate in Digital Bhoomi Forums and earn not only recognition but also extra bucks. So, all you freelance writers grab this opportunity, it is a work from home opportunity. You can even win the cash prizes by participating in our forum contests. Click here to learn more about Digital Bhoomi Forum Contests.

Enjoy the free ads, more money and outstanding commitment from Digital Bhoomi. 

DigitalBhoomi Team

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  1. We reserve the rights to terminate points system at any time. Even, if we terminate the point system, we will still award the points earned by the users until the termination date of the point system.
  1. We are fanatic about removing spam/scam/illegal postings from our site. Points are not awarded for publishing such postings.
  1. We understand that some people will try to manipulate this system to get more points. We reserve the rights to modify our point awarding system to prevent such manipulation.

Update on September 1, 2010: This page was last updated on September 1, 2010. Minimum payout is changed from 200 points to 400 points. Please see this thread.

Update on June 25, 2009: Points will not be given to forum threads/posts that have less than 10 words. This is to prevent point manipulation. Please see this post for more details.

Update on Jan 31, 2009: Points are no longer offered for any classified listings effective from February 1, 2009. Points are given only for the forum postings after February 1, 2009.

Update on Aug 10, 2008: Points are no longer offered for the job listings effective from Aug 10, 2008.

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