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Digital Bhoomi is the online community site designed to help people to exchange information. Our site is designed with simple and clean interface. There is no login required to post your advertisement. Our links are intuitive. Follow the links to view or post the ad.

If you want to view any posting, go to the main page of your city and click the relevant links. All links are organized in categories. When you are checking out Digital Bhoomi, please check out our testimonials section too.

Frequently asked questions:

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What is this site, how could it help me and how do I use this?

Digital Bhoomi is Indian online community site. It enables the users to exchange information. This exchange would benefit all the users who post or read the contents of this site. This site connect the employers that want to offer the job and the job seekers; The people that want to sell new apartment home and the people that are looking for their dream home; The guy who is looking for a perfect girl and the girl that is looking for a perfect guy; The musician that offer violin lessons and the future music directors; The students that sell used books and the students that want to buy books at discounted price.

If you are looking for jobs, click "Jobs" link in your city's main page, for example Bangalore City Page; By clicking "Jobs" link, you will see all the jobs for that city. If you are a software person and looking for software jobs, click "Software" under "Jobs". You will see the software jobs only. Same goes for all other categories. If you click on the top category like Community or Personals or Jobs, you will see all the postings under that category. If you click the specific sub-category (like software, hardware under JOBS), you will see postings only in that sub-category. If you want to search a specific job, say "project manager", click on any jobs link and enter your searck keywords. Same goes for search on other categories too. If you are looking for used TV, click "Classifieds" link and search for it.

Please visit How to use this site section and our Examples for more details.

How do I post an event or an advertisement?

Please click "Post your Ad" link that is available in all pages. Please follow the simple instructions available to post your ad in appropriate category. When you post the ad, we will send you an email asking for confirmation from you. Open your email inbox and click on the link in the email from Digital Bhoomi. Your posting will be confirmed and published. That's it.

If you are registered with us, you don't need to confirm your email everytime you post. Please read the following questions to understand the benefits of registration.

Why do you need confirmation from me to publish the posting?

We need to verify your email address before publishing it. The reason is very simple. You don't want someone to use your email address to publish any material. We will publish your posting after you confirm it by clicking a link in the email we send.

If you are registered with us, you don't need to confirm your email everytime you post.

I did not get the confirmation email from you to publish the posting. How do I get it?

You will get confirmation email from us only if you are not a registered user. If you are a registered user, your listing will be published immediately. If you are not registered with us, please check your spam/junk folder to see whether your mail client threw our emails in there! If you still do not see your confirmation emails, please click here and enter your email address in the form displayed. We will send an email with the links to the listings you posted.

Should I register to post ads?

No. However, you need to confirm your email address every time you post, if you are not registered.

If you register, you have the following benefits:

  • You can post and activate ads instantaneously without waiting for activation email to confirm your email address.
  • You can manage all your ads in one page. It's very convenient to change or delete your ads, using "My Account" page.

I registered in Digital Bhoomi. But, I am not allowed to post, even if I am logged on.

When you register in Digital Bhoomi, we will send you an email with a link to activate your registration. We do this to verify your email address - just once. Once your email address is verified, you are allowed to post ads or forum threads.

I forgot my username/password. How do I retrieve it?

If you forget your password to post classified ads, please go to this page and enter the email address you used to register.

If you forgot your password for our forums, Please go to this link and enter your email address. We will send your username and password.

I lost the confirmation email you sent. How do I edit/delete my posting?

Please click here and enter your email address in the form shown. We will send an email with the links to the listings you posted. You can use these links to activate/edit/delete your postings.

How to reply to a posting?

For each posting there will be a contact email address. If the person posted the advertisement or event decided not to display his/her email address, you will see "Click here to send Email" link for contact email address. In either case, click the contact email address to send email to the person posted the advertisement. If the contact email address is hidden, you will be presented with a form. Enter your email address and message, then click the "Send" button. We will send the message for you.

If you don't have email program (Example: Outlook) in your PC, you need to copy and paste the contact email address in your webmail like Hotmail or Yahoo.

How to edit or delete my posting?

If you are registered with us, you can edit or delete your posting in "My Account" page.

If you are not registered with us, we will send you a confirmation email when you post an ad. If you click the link in that email, you can edit or delete your posting.

How do I add pictures to my posting?

You can upload two pictures for each posting (advertisement) posted under Real Estate, Matrimonials and Classifieds sections. Click "Browse" in the bottom of the form and choose the pictures from your computer to upload. If you want to upload more than two pictures for your advertisement, it's pretty simple. You need to store your pictures in sites like and provide the link to that picture in your advertisement. In the description box, click the Insert/Edit image icon and enter the details of the link. Our editor will fetch the picture from photobucket and display that picture.

If you don't like, here is the list of few other sites that would store your pictures:

I can't access Internet everyday to check emails. How do I get responses for my ad?

When you post an ad, you will see 3 options for "Email Display". First one is "Display my email address". Second one is "Hide my email address". Third is "I do not want to receive emails". Choose the third option if you don't access Internet everyday. But make sure that you list your contact phone number or address in the description. Other users will contact you by phone or they will visit you in person. You need to access Internet just one time to post and confirm the ad. 

Is Digital Bhoomi a directory service?

Digital Bhoomi is not a directory service. We encourage all users to exchange information about their organization, events, classifieds and jobs. But, we do not store the information indefinitely.

How do you keep this site free?

We plan to add value-added services in the future. We will generate revenue from those services. This site is maintained by a team of people. We share time and money to run this site. Moreover, we really want to help the community to exchange information. This is not some marketing slogan.

How do I upload the video of my real estate property?

Please upload your videos to YouTube and provide the link to your video when you post real estate ads. You need to enter the video code of YouTube video in the real estate ad posting form of Digital Bhoomi. We will show your video along with your real estate ad.

How do I buy the items listed in Digital Bhoomi?

First send email to the advertiser with your queries. Do NOT send money to anyone without seeing the products in person. Idea behind Digital Bhoomi is to remove fraudulent activity associated with auction sites. You don't buy the product unless you see it, inspect it and be comfortable with it. That's why we have community pages for each city. If the seller is not in your city, don't bother with his/her product. Sometimes there are offers which are too good to be true and the sellers are living far away from you. We strongly recommend not to have any transaction with distant sellers.

We also recommend against selling items to distant buyers. Check out this link to read about the experience of a seller in Ebay.

What do I do if the seller is not in my city?

If you need a product really bad and the seller is not in your city, it is strongly recommended to inspect the product using your contacts in seller's city before sending money. It's worth repeating -- Do not ever send money to anyone without seeing the product.

I posted an ad, but I don't see that in your site!

If you don't confirm your posting, we won't publish it. So, first check whether you have confirmed your posting. If the posting is missing even after your confirmation, it might have been deleted because of inappropriate content. If we receive complaint from the users about a posting, we will review it within hours. If the posting is not following our terms of use, we will remove it from the site. If you feel that your posting is appropriate but got removed, please contact us.

What is Book Swap?

Book Swap is the facility for exchanging used books. It lets you give away the books you no longer need in exchange for the books you really want. Every time you give someone a book, he/she gives you a book that you want. Once you've read the book, you can keep it forever or put it back into Book Swap for someone else, as you wish. You can put your used books into good use instead of just throwing it away or giving to street vendors for few rupees. You can also save money by swapping books with other people in your community instead of buying new books.


Sharma has “The Seventh Secret” by Irving Wallace. He bought it 10 years ago and he read it 3 times. He wants to swap this book for a book by Tom Clancy. He puts a posting under Book Swap category asking for swapping of “The Seventh Secret” with any book by Tom Clancy. Sneha has “The Sum of All Fears” by Tom Clancy; she hasn’t read “The Seventh Secret”. She decides to swap the book with Sharma. She contacts Sharma and swaps the book. Both of them live in the same city, so it’s easier for them to meet and exchange the books. 

We don’t recommend mailing the books to other cities. It’s always better to swap the books in person. You can use this facility to swap CDs, VCDs and DVDs also.    

How can I post anonymously?

It's simple. When you fill the form, check "Hide my email address" option in the checkbox under "Email Display Option". No one will be able to see your email address. If someone wants to contact you, he/she needs to use web form to send email to you.

Why can't I send attachment to private email (anonymous posting)?

If you are interested in the posting send a simple mail to the person posted the ad asking for his/her details. Get their phone number/address, meet them, buy/sell products. We don't want to send attachment to our users mainly because of virus and worms.

How long does my post stay in the site?

It depends on the category in which you posted. For Events, your posting will stay until the end date of Event. For all other postings, we will keep it active for 90 days. If you no longer need your posting, you can delete it using the email we send you when you post your ad.

How often can I post?

You can repost your posting every month. But don't post the same posting multiple times.

I have not received the email to publish my free posting, what should I do?

First check your Bulk mail folder or Junk mail folder. Your email program might have put our email there. If it's not there, please click here and enter your email address in the form displayed. We will send an email with the links to the listings you posted.

What kind of postings do you not accept?

We will not accept Pyramid scheme and Multi-level marketing listings. Soliciting illegal activity either implicitly or explicitly is prohibited.

If you are even thinking about pyramid schemes like Amway, you may want to check out the following link.

Amway - Untold Story

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