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Thank you for your interest in advertising in Digital Bhoomi, popular online community website for Indians.

Digital Bhoomi delivers useful content and information to Indians living all over the world. Our users love the simple user interface and unique content we provide every day.

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We display minimal number of ads in each page. We don't clutter the page with lot of ads. So, your ad will be more visible to the users. Your ad will not be lost in the ocean of ads. You will get the value for the money. and use Google AdSense to serve ads. If you wish to see your ad here, you would need a Google AdWords account. Once you have an AdWords account, you can use the "Site Targeted AdWords Campaigns" feature to specifically target or You can also target individual pages of Digital Bhoomi using Site-Targeted feature. If you have questions about using Adwords, please contact wm.domain at

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