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Pursue something so important that even if you fail, the world is better off with you having tried.

- Tim O'Reilly

We are Social Entrepreneurs. We are trying to create intrusive-ad-free community site. Our goal is to create site with simple and clean interface. We started this project after getting annoyed with pop-up ads and spyware from many sites in India. 

We want to keep things simple, down-to-earth and honest. We want to provide alternative to sites infested with spyware, pop-up ads, banner ads and viruses. We will never run the intrusive banner ads or pop-up ads in Digital Bhoomi. Entire site is free to use as per our terms of use. There is no charge to any posting.

We kept this site very simple without any bells and whistles mainly because we wanted to improve the page loading time. rated Digital Bhoomi as "Very Fast" for page loading.

If you want to add your city to Digital Bhoomi or if you want to add any category, let us know. Send us your comments and feedback using feedback form.

If you like what we do, please spread the word about Digital Bhoomi. You will get bonus points for all referrals. Please checkout the videos created by our users to see how they feel about Digital Bhoomi!

We also offer points for your writings. You will also earn points for the threads/posts you write in our forums. We have exciting contests going on all the time. Check out our forum contest. If you like writing, this may be the easiest way to win a prize!

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